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Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children's Centre

Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children's Centre

Celebrating Diwali

Goorcharn and Halima worked together to bring you the content for this blog, telling us exactly what we did in the nursery to bring to life the festival of Diwali.

It’s that time of year when we celebrate the festival of lights. It’s the special festival for Hindus and Sikhs as they gather together to get ready for their celebration. Many Hindus and Sikhs will decorate their homes by having Divas, Rangoli colours and lights lit up.

At Rebecca Cheetham the children took part in the big celebration by creating Diwali cards, making Diva lights and experimenting with lots of colours to make beautiful designs for Rangoli patterns. This gives the children a real insight of how people celebrate Diwali.

It’s a great opportunity for children to learn and explore other festivals as it is important we acknowledge and recognise all religions.  The children at Rebecca Cheetham enjoy sharing their experiences and how they celebrate their own festivals.

The classrooms have been filled with lots of dressing up, dancing sticks (dandiya) and non-fiction books about Diwali. The children have been dressing up, tasting traditional food and dancing. It’s been very joyful and lovely to see all the children joining in and having a real experience of how the celebrations work.

You can take part in the comfort of your own home to extend your children’s learning by using natural materials or anything you can find to create a diva, Rangoli patterns or a Diwali card. Have fun creating and show us what you come up with!

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