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Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children's Centre

Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children's Centre

The Awe and Wonder of Forest School

Marcello, our Forest School Lead and Jeffers Room Key Person has offered us a wonderful expose into the first three sessions of our eagerly anticipated Forest School in this blog post.

It’s been a long journey (and still is) but finally we made it; we started our Forest School at Rebecca Cheetham!

Before even launching the project we had to go through rigorous training, prepare paperwork, plan, talk through ideas and a lot of organisation but finally everything came to life.

We have only had three sessions but the children are already buzzing for it. The anticipation for the sessions now is tangible! The excitement in the morning is clear and getting the children ready with their waterproof clothing in the conservatory seems like preparing astronauts getting ready for a moon landing.

When we finally leave the school walking, it feels like an adventure for the children as we are walking to our special place. Usually on the way to the site in West Ham Park the children are very loud, however, on the way back, they are quieter; mainly because every Forest School session is intense and full of wonders!

As soon we arrive in the park the children are already start questioning about the world around them, but it is only really when we arrive to the base camp that they feel like they have stepped into a new dimension. You can perceive they feel Forest School as their special place and they find themselves totally immersed in nature. They know they are free to explore and to use all their senses. They also know the rules which are few but paramount: “No pick, No lick, Be careful how you carry a stick” and “123 back to me” to get back to the case camp.