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Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children's Centre

Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children's Centre

Childminding Network

Why become a Network Childminder?

Being an active member of the Stratford and West Ham Community Neighbourhood Childminding Network (based at Rebecca Cheetham) gives the childminder an opportunity to meet regularly with other childminders to share good practice. The network will allow childminders to share information, gain advice in relation to any childcare related issues and think about activities that are suited and catered for each individual child. Whilst this is possible through local childminding drop-ins, the childminders on the network are able to do this by the support from their Early Education practitioner based within their local network.

Joining Stratford and West Ham (Rebecca Cheetham) Childminder Network offers many benefits to everyone involved, including children, parents and childminders. These include supporting childminders, giving them the opportunity to share good practice and develop professionally, improve the experiences for children and offer guidance for parents.

Aims and Benefits:-

  • Childminding Network gives the childminder an opportunity to meet regularly with other childminders to discuss childminding activities and childcare related issues.
  • Improve outcomes for children by providing an experienced and committed, well qualified Early Education Practitioner to support the development of the network and individual childminders.
  • Build up a network, which will link to the Children’s Centre, PVI settings and schools in order to share expertise and strengthen the transition process for children and families.
  • Strengthen the links with other Children’s Centre services, such as health visitors etc. and to work with other services to promote childcare options to parents to best suit the child.
  • Through the Children's Centre Teacher (Rohan) and Koli the Early Education Practitioner, childminders have access to professionals who can offer support and advice on child development and other childcare issues.

    Since September 2012 all childminders have to work in line with the new revised Early Years Foundation Stage Document and are required to have all their policies in place and keep records of progress on their children. Being part of a network enables childminders to gain all the support and training they need, when using this new document.

    This network will help childminders to feel that their profession is recognised.

    Why should parents choose a Network Childminder?

    Choosing a childminder can be a difficult time for parents, especially when deciding on who will offer the best care to meet your child’s over all needs and how you would assess this.

    By choosing a childminder who is a member of a childminding network, parents can be re-assured that they are choosing a person who is dedicated to childminding.

    Membership of a network is no guarantee of care but it does offer some assurance that the childminder can provide consistency of care for children from 6 weeks through to primary school age. Network childminders are checked regularly through unannounced visits and planned visits by Koli Miah the Early Education Practitioner based at the centre.

    Childminders and children are invited to attend a regular session at the centre on Wednesday from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Throughout this session planned activities are provided based around the interests and next steps of the children, which link to EYFS. The centre provides a wide variety of exciting resources both indoors and outdoors for the children to use each session. Lunch is available to purchase at the centre. Children and Childminders are able to join together and share a freshly prepared healthy lunch, this is an enriching social experience as well as an opportunity to try and taste different foods, including food for various celebrations i.e. Diwali and Chinese New Year.

    As an Early Education Practitioner I believe that belonging to a Childminding Network raises childminder’s self-esteem and status, it also raises standards of care and education within the childminders home, through maintaining enthusiasm and ideas given by the network. For parents it gives them the reassurance that the childminder is being regularly monitored, Safeguarding and Health and Safety requirements are constantly met by the Early Education Practitioner and is keeping up to date with all child related issues.

    For more information for Parents or Childminders please contact:
    Koli Miah on Office 020 85343136 – Option 4

  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • Wellbeing Award
  • IQM Flagship Award